Preparing Our Home for “Open House” Days

Once we had our home ready to sell, it was then important to actually prepare the house for the buying public. The real estate agents give you some advice.

The first piece of advice is to de-clutter the house. By that they mean to make your home look spacious. This might mean removing excess furniture, family photographs and so on. It also means to open up the curtains to create light and an illusion of space. Having mirrors on walls placed strategically can also increase the allusion of space. In the kitchen, have only the bare essential appliances on the benches.

We did a few extra things to enhance the looks and utility of our home. In the entry, we placed a polished wood planter box with a beautiful indoor plant. In the utility room downstairs, we placed a comfortable cane lounge suite with a television set on a polished wood cabinet in which were placed children’s games and some books.

Upstairs in several places we had more indoor plants while outside on our back patio on top of a picnic table we sat another indoor plant and our portable Weber barbeque. We set up a picnic table with an umbrella outside in our back yard on a paved area.

I have already mentioned the new coverings for our beds. These, with new cushions, were set up on the morning of the “Open House”. All the indoor plants were kept healthy outside in cool areas before the “Open House”.

None of what I’ve said above will work unless the house is clean and tidy. In our search for a new home we were often appalled with how untidy some homes for sale, were. It put us off straight away and we often didn’t get past the front door. So we made sure we dusted, vacuumed and made sure everything was neat and tidy. We didn’t forget the windows either. They were cleaned before each “Open House”.

Prospective buyers will look through every cupboard. So they need to be neatly arranged and de-cluttered as well.

Lastly, it is important that your house has a clean smell/aroma about it. Chose a scent that is not overpowering but does remove any odour.

Our author was a “Baby Boomer” looking to downsize his home for a quiet retirement. This article is to inform others in his situation. It is designed to make the whole process of finding your retirement home less stressful. Our author was a teacher for fifty years always looking for ways to improve outcomes.